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Storyboard Template

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Plan easier and design quicker with this storyboard template. Map out your pages in advance and know exactly what content you’ll need by creating low or high fidelity mockups. Plot your content directly in InDesign or print the blank templates and fill in with your team.

  • Storyboard file is set up as a standard letter/A4 page

  • Starter template comes with 73 storyboard pages

  • Separate front and back cover

  • Perfect for magazine, booklet and multi-page design projects


  • Easy to use blank InDesign CC file + .idml file for versions down to CS4.

  • “Use Instructions” PDF to help guide you.

  • BONUS: PDF Preset to make saving your designs fool proof. Includes setup guide and video tutorial.

See how to use the Storyboard template in your publication design workflow

On the Go in Client Meetings

Directly in InDesign

For Photographers: 

  • Plan your client photo books before designing them

  • Create a high or low fidelity mockup of your portfolios

For Designers: 

  • Plan all content aspects of your publications such as magazines, programs, bulletins and more

  • Create a high or low fidelity mockup of your portfolios

Other General Uses:

  • Print a blank version of the template pages and hand write your content plan

  • Use the divider lines to plan available ads sizes, images, text content and more

  • Drop in photos for a high fidelity mockup

  • Use colored rectangles to mark ads, images and placeholders

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Storyboard InDesign Template

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Storyboard Template

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